Patrol Policies and Procedures

1. Annual Patrol Requirements Policy:

The following requirements must be met on an annual basis:

  1. Meet all NSP registration requirements
  2. Current with all member dues prior to Oct 31
  3. Current with all OEC cycles prior to beginning the ski season
  4. Current Health Care Provider CPR card and demonstration of CPR skills on an annual basis.
  5. Completion of Dodge Ridge On the Hill Refresher (not to be counted against days required in (7) below even if accomplished during the ski season)
  6. Completion of the required bump duty
  7. Ski and Toboggan check off by required date
  8. Complete a minimum of twelve (12) more active patrolling days or other minimum requirement as approved by the Patrol Representative/Board of Directors. A minimum of eight (8) days must be done at Dodge Ridge. Full time students and members with 20 or more years are required to only patrol a minimum of six (6) days at Dodge Ridge.

*Note: the close of the ski season, may be placed on probation after review by the board. See section 7, Probation Policy. Any member failing to complete requirements 6 and 8 at

2. UniformPolicy:

Carry a fully stocked first aid pack or vest while in uniform
Carry a working radio while in uniform. (If one is not available, be in the presence of a patroller with a working radio)

2.1 ProperUniform

Basic, Alpine, Senior, Certified and or National Appointment Patroller: Red parka or vest with proper NSP back cross (black and white in color) and proper NSP circular chest patch (black and white in color). If wearing a vest, the sleeve garment shall be a solid matching red, black or white. Pants shall be black.

3. PatrolDayRequirements:

3.1 The patrol utilizes a web-based scheduling program called Volgistics. Each patroller shall log onto Volgistics to sign up for volunteer days in advance. Patrollers and Candidates are able to sign up for straight patrolling, instruction, or bump. The Patrol Representative, First Assistant Patrol Representative and Dodge Ridge Patrol Director shall monitor the sign-up schedule for any given weekend, or Holiday, and report the number of patrollers scheduled to Dodge Ridge Management.

3.2. Sign in on the appropriate sign in sheet prior to 7:30 am Note on the sheet your radio number, lunch time, ticket preference, and area patrolling. Leave your current Patrol Card in the patrol index box. Sign-in sheet is official register – stamped cards do not count as days. Sign in by 7:30 am and be ready to go at 7:45 AM for briefing.

3.3. If you are participating in any special event, training, testing or other activity during the day that will preclude you from responding to normal codes, there will be a separate sign-in sheet for this activity. Basic patrollers will sign in the space provided for basic patrollers and be available for service in the aid room as necessary.

3.1.2 Mountain Switch

On weekends and holidays, odd sign-in numbers start upper mountain/backside, even numbers start on the lower mountain. Change sides at 12:00 PM. Bump patrollers may roam either side during the half day they are not bumping. Basic patrollers may also roam when they are not required to be in the aid room.

3.1.3. Late Arrivals and Early Departures

The normal ski day begins at the 7:45 am briefing and ends at the completion of sweep. You may arrive after the morning briefing and/or depart prior to sweep and that is termed a Late-In/Early Out. No patrol day credit is given. No lunch credit or comp pass will be issued. Sign in upon arrival on the patrol board under “Late- In/Early-out” section. Erase your name from the patrol board before leaving.
You must be in uniform, carry a radio that is turned on and respond to codes

3.1.4. Conduct During the Day

You are ‘on duty’ from your AM sign-in in the morning until you return to the patrol room after sweep. During this time, you are expected to respond to codes, rendering assistance where required. Your radio should be on, and your first aid supplies in your possession. This includes the lunch period.

Consuming alcoholic beverages on duty OR in uniform is not permitted.

3.1.5. Half Day Credit

Neither of the two options listed below provide any benefits, ( lunch vouchers or comp ticket).

1. AM Half Day Procedure:

This option will be available on a strictly first come, first served basis at discretion of the Patrol Rep. When signing in, those who wish this option, will “apply” at the bottom of the daily sign in sheet. AM Half Day Patrollers will have a radio, open the mountain and perform all usual patrol duties. At noon, when the half day service ends, the Patroller will check out, returning the radio, clearing name from the board and have Base Patrol initial the time of departure on the sign in sheet.

2. PM Half Day Credit:

This option is not limited to any particular number of Patrollers. To receive PM Half Day Credit, a Patroller must be signed in, have a radio and be performing the usual functions on the mountain by noon. When arriving, the Patroller will sign in on the bottom of the daily sheet, note the time of arrival and have the entry initialed by Base Patrol. On the mountain, PM Patrollers will check in with Section Chiefs to note their presence and ensure they are optimally positioned to provide coverage. PM Patrollers will serve through sweep and check out in the usual manner.


All Alpine patrollers are required to sign up and complete the number of bumps assigned for that year by the board. This number may vary from year to year depending upon the number of available patrollers. Senior Alpine patrollers, Certified and National number alpine patrollers are required to sign up for a minimum of one bump slot per season. For the 2017-2018 year, the board is require every alpine patroller to sign up for (3) three bumps. The bump schedule will be available for sign-up at the OEC Refresher and at the ‘On-the-Hill’.. Anyone who has been a member of the NSP for 35 or more years is exempt from bump.

Basic patrollers complete their bump assignment in the aide room as needed. A sign-in sheet will be available in the patrol binder to document the hours served by the basic patroller. Those with fewer hours are expected to serve prior to those with more time. Basic patrollers are expected to serve a minimum of 8 hrs per season in the aide room. Any issues with this policy shall be addressed with the Patrol Rep.

4.1. AM Bump

Morning bumps do not open the mountain, but conduct or assist with the equipment check. A clipboard that covers all equipment located at the top of the hill should be checked and initialed (bags tied and dated do not need to be opened). Missing equipment should be communicated to base. Sleds should be pulled out, packed and the snow cleared.

4.2. PM Bump
The afternoon bump begins at 12:00 (noon) and continues until the daily closure.

4.3. Bump Responsibility

It is the patroller’s responsibility to ensure that their scheduled bump

is covered. If the patroller cannot cover their bump, it is the patroller’s responsibility to find a replacement. Covering another patroller’s bump does not relieve the responsibility for covering his/her own

scheduled bump unless a prior trade has been arranged.

4.4. Rotating Bump

Rotating bumps are used on weekdays and major holidays (i.e. Christmas Day) and when no one volunteers to cover a missed bump. It is the responsibility of each patroller arriving at the top of Chair 3/4 or Chair 7/8 to check-in with the patroller on rotating bump for replacement. This insures everyone has a minimum time on rotating bump duty. Participating in a rotating bump does not count towards any bump requirement, regardless of the time spent during any particular rotation.

4.5. Missing Bump

As stated in 4.3, It is the responsibility of all patrollers to complete their required bump days the prior season. If the patroller misses his or her bump in the current season, it will be assessed during the following season until completed. No benefits until all makeup bumps are completed.


The First Assistant Patrol Representative, OET Advisor, OEC Advisor are responsible for establishing candidate requirements. OEC and OET Instructor(s) will be responsible for implementing the parameters for each disciplines. First Assistant Patrol Representative will insure that these requirements are met by means of a written record of training activities.

Except as provided in 5.3 below (Basic Candidates) these requirements include, but may not be limited to:

  • Completion of a CPR Course for Healthcare Providers
  • Four days skiing with a NSP Senior Alpine, Certified or National Appointed patroller which may be completed in a combination of half-days or full days.
  • Three 4-hour shifts in the first aid room of which at least two are afternoon shifts.
  • Complete the required ski and toboggan training days
  • Pass a written test on Dodge Ridge Policies and Procedures
  • Pass a skiing and toboggan test conducted in accordance with standards established by the First Assistant Patrol Representative.
  • Complete the hill climb as defined by the First Assistant Patrol Representative
  • Attend at least one ‘in the snow’ OEC clinic during the season.

5.1. Candidate Sign-In
Candidates will sign in the morning in accordance with section 3.1,

except that they will use a separate Candidate Sign-In sheet.

5.2. Candidate Free Skiing

Candidates (while in the candidate uniform) may only ski while accompanied by a patroller (Alpine, Senior, Certified, National Number, or Dodge paid patroller).

5.3. Basic candidates

The basic candidate will complete all tasks as outlined in 5 above except for the ski and toboggan training, and the skiing and toboggan test, which shall be modified by the First Assistant Patrol Representative with input from the Candidate Ski and Toboggan Instructor(s), to meet the needs of the individual basic candidate.


Patrollers may petition the Patrol Representative requesting a change to inactive status with board approval for one year at a time if:

  • Current with NSP dues
  • Current with all OEC cycles

This petition must be submitted during the current ski season. At which time their volunteer season pass will be surrendered.

6.1. Return to Active Duty
A patroller wishing to return to active status after two or more
consecutive years of inactive status must:

  • Satisfy the OEC Advisor that he/she understands the patrol’s OEC protocols and equipment use
  • Must be current with the OEC cycles
  • Attend and complete the On the Hill program
  • Successfully complete the Policy and Procedures Test
  • Successfully complete a skiing and toboggan skills evaluation.


Patrollers failing to meet requirements 6 and 8 of section 1, in a ski season, are placed on probation. Written notification is sent to all patrollers placed on probationary status. If a patroller is placed on probation with the Patrol, the patroller is given their next active patrol season to change status. A patroller remaining on probationary status at the completion of the second year is subject to dismissal from the Patrol by majority vote of the board.


Transfers from another patrol require:

  1. Letterofrecommendationfromtransferpatroller’sPatrolRepresentative
  2. ProofofcurrentNSPregistration
  3. SatisfytheOECAdvisorthattransfereeunderstandsthe patrol’s OEC protocols and equipment use requirements
  4. AttendandcompletetheOntheHillprogram
  5. SuccessfullycompletethePolicyandProceduresTest
  6. Successfully complete a skiing and toboggan skills evaluation.
  7. Patrol with a Senior patroller for at least two weeks until it is determined they can patrol on their own.


Patrollers visiting from another area may wear NSP insignia, but must ski in the company of a Dodge Ridge NSP patroller.


The Patrol Representative is in charge of daily operations for NSP patrollers. All issues should be brought to him/her for resolution. If the Patrol Representative is not present, then Board Members shall fill in according to the Dodge Ridge By-Laws in this order:

  1. FirstAssistantPatrolRepresentative
  2. SecondAssistantPatrolRepresentative
  3. FirstPastPatrolRepresentative
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. MembershipRepresentatives


The board may form committees to meet a specific need.

11.1 Scholarship

Scholarship Committee will administer the scholarship fund budget, as annually allocated by the Board. The Committee shall have five members. Four members are selected each year by Member Representatives. Each member of the Scholarship Committee shall serve a two-year term, running concurrently with the term of the selecting Member Representative. The fifth Scholarship Committee member shall be the First Past Patrol Representative. The Chairperson of the Scholarship committee shall be elected by the members of the committee from its members.


  1. Allmembersareeligibleforpatrolawards.
  2. PatrolRepresentativewillselecttheformatforselecting nominees at the beginning of the season with the approval

    of the board.

  3. TheAwardsAdvisorwillmonitortheelectionprocessand eligibility of each nominee.

12.1 Award Categories:

  1. Bob Mech Memorial Award:
    For enthusiasm, dedication, and outstanding contribution to the Dodge Ridge National Ski Patrol during the last year.
  2. Jim Crow Award:
    For long-term dedication to the Dodge Ridge National Ski Patrol or the skiing public at Dodge Ridge (given to a member of 10+ years)
  3. Bob Ross Award:
    For friendship and congeniality to members of the Dodge Ridge National Ski Patrol and Dodge Ridge staff during the last year
  4. Jack Ross Award:
    For outstanding performance in first aid during the past ski season at Dodge Ridge
  5. Jere Woodhead Outstanding Alpine Patroller Award:Foroutstanding leadership and activity on behalf of the Dodge Ridge National Ski Patrol throughout the year  
  6. Marla Ward Outstanding Paid Patroller Award
    For outstanding leadership and activity on behalf of the Dodge Ridge Paid patroller throughout the year
  7. Don Jacop Outstanding Candidate Award:
    For performance, enthusiasm, leadership and skill in the Candidate Training Program
  8. Mary Ross Award:
    Outstanding basic patroller award for leadership and activity on behalf of Dodge Ridge and Dodge Ridge National Ski Patrol throughout the season.  
  9. Patrol Award:
    Given out at the discretion of the Patrol Representative for service and commitment.

Approved by the Board 7/22/2017