Amy’s Message

Well, the snow Dodge received a couple of days ago has melted, Sonora Pass is open again, and the hunters are out in force. But it is definitely fall in the mountains.

When I was up at Dodge yesterday morning, Carl was interviewing prospective paid patrollers, new carpet had been laid in the patrol room, the parking lot was a bit torn up as Dodge is working on the run off issue, and painters were all over, painting. Ski season is a coming.  It’s time for patrollers to get ready.

So, here is a reminder of upcoming dates and duties.:

  • The OEC Instructor Refresher is on Saturday, Sept. 30th.  This is the date when the instructors show off the stations they will be manning at the OEC Refresher, and all the instructors all complete the Cycle A Refresher.
  • The OEC Refresher and On-The-Hill weekend is set for Oct 21-22 at Dodge Ridge.  Registration will start at 7:00 AM and we’ll start promptly at 8:00 AM. Chris Peterson, the Instructor of Record (IOR) has made a great plan for Saturday, and Sue Dennison from Sugar Bowl will be our outside Instructor Trainer (IT) overseeing for the Division, which is a National Ski Patrol requirement.
  • The patrol will provide breakfast stuff and coffee, juices etc.  Bring a lunch for both days.
  • We are using the Hybrid version of the OEC Cycle A.  What does this mean?  It means everyone needs to complete the online refresher course and print out your completion certificate.  The directions for preparing, registering and completing the refresher are detailed on page 2 of the OEC Refresher Workbook you should have received in the mail several months ago. The Course number is F026170016.  If you did not get a Refresher Workbook in the mail, or you have lost it, you can print out a copy from the website.  Go to Member Resources, Education Resources, then OEC and you can print it out from there.
  • You all should be receiving a statement from National reminding you to update your profiles with  your correct demographics like email address, phone number, etc.
  • You will also be reminded to pay $55.00 in dues to National.
  • At OEC, when you register, you will be asked to pay another $44.00 ($15 for Dodge Ridge NSP, $10 for Mother Lode Region, $19 for Far West Division). Yes your Board did vote to raise the Dodge Ridge dues by $5.  This is to offset the lower numbers we had at Sea Otter in April.
  • Bring your CPR card showing you have completed a yearly refresher course.  Even though American Heart Association and the American Red Cross only requires a refresher course every two years, Dodge requires all patrollers to refresh yearly.  If you have not refreshed your CPR and are in need of a course, let me or Geoff Hutcheson know.  One or both of us can instruct another course sometime before ski season.
  • Please bring your patrol jacket or vest for pictures.  The goal is to have everyone pose for an individual picture for the webpage and another big picture of the entire patrol.
  • Finally….check out the webpage  Dave Lavelle is working on upgrading our webpage, and we are hoping to have more pictures, and information on it so you don’t have to keep getting boring emails from me.  If you have some favorite photos you’d like to put on the webpage to showcase our patrol and what we do, and our mountain, please let me know.  You’ll get photo credits!!!!

Can’t wait to see you all again.  Start dancing for snow!