7/23/2017 – Summer Board Meeting

Dodge Ridge NSP Board Meeting July 22, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 10a.m. by Amy Lindblom

Members present – Bill Borelli, Jodi Karambela, Greg Thompson, Dore Bietz, Bill Kull, Jules Vaughan, Denny Giambiastiani, Marc Rosoff, Vim Nademanee, Amy Lindblom, Gloria McKelvey Members absent – Bill Knobloch
Others present – Sonja Borelli

Amy welcomed us as a board and is looking forward to a great year with a great board.

Motion was made by Greg Thompson to approve agenda, seconded by Bill Borelli, unanimously approved.

Motion was made by Dore Bietz to approved minutes from April 15, 2017 seconded by Jules Vaughan, unanimously approved.

Patrol Rep- Amy Lindblom

  • Amy has been in touch with the Far West Community College Director, and is in the process of registering our OEC classes (Candidate and Refresher) so we will be eligible for college funds again. We have not gotten them for the past several years as there have been conflicts with the college. We will be eligible for $65 per candidate in our OEC class and $16 for each person in attendance at our OEC refresher.
  • Karin Murray has requested that we make a donation to the Ryan Barber Memorial Fund. It is a fund started by Jake Barber, a patroller whose son died. It is a fund established to reopen a community pool in the Modesto area. They are looking for funds to make this happen. It was decided our patrol is not allowed to make donations of this type from our general fund due to our 501C3 status, but we can put it up on our website or e-mail the request to our members and ask for donations.
  • Amy would like to have pictures taken of all patrollers and post them on our web page. She would also like to take a photo of board members as well as seniors, and instructors at our OEC refresher and have it posted on the website so everyone can see who is involved.

Treasurer – Jodi Karambela

  • We were within budget on all but 2 items. We were under budget on other items so we stayed within our projected budget for 2016-2017.
  • There have been some questions as to how much a local patrol can hold in reserve. Jodi checked the guidelines and we are well within the parameters of NSP rules for both our savings and checking accounts.
  • The Sea Otter classic is our major fund raiser. There are expenses involved but our net profit is about $3500.
  • Jodi will adjust budget items as recommended. We will move the OEC items that need to be replaced to be paid for with the college funds. The major expense for equipment will be to repair our trailer as it has a leak in the roof and a lot of our equipment molded over the winter. We will check with some of our patrollers who have access to donated medical equipment to try and get some donations for replacement of items that were damaged. Dore will follow up with this and Amy will send an e-mail to Clarence Teem the county EMS Director re any donations for equipment. This should bring our OEC budget needs down.
  • Volgistics has been our responsibility. It is $408 for the year. We have asked Dodge Ridge to help with this expense as it is their request that we sign up the patrol. They are to get back to us.
  • We will change the Far West and Mother Lode Region to $0 as all patrollers will pay their dues directly to National.
  • We will have the possibility of $1,700 coming in from Community College Program if our course is accepted and registered.
  • Our proposed budget is about $2500 over our projected income. We will increase
  • DRNSP dues from $10 to $15 per member.

Motion was made by Jules Vaughan to approve the 2017-2016 budget, seconded by Bill Kull, unanimously approved.

Appointment of advisors

  • OEC-Chris Petersen
  • OET-Debbie Whitcher
  • Bump-Dave Rollings
  • Awards-Sonja Borelli
  • Web-Dave Lavelle

Vim reports that the laptop that patrol is currently using is not current and would need to be updated. This would cost approximately $98. He has suggested that Dave may be able to get a laptop donated through his work.

First Assistant-Bill Borelli

  • Bill has sent out queries to see who may be interested in becoming Senior Patrollers, OET and OEC instructors. He has had a favorable response with 8 interested in the Senior program, 4 interested in the OET instructor program and 10 interested in the OEC instructor program. Bill will coordinate with patrollers that have been involved in those training programs. Dore brought up that in the future NSP may require all OET Instructors receive their Senior status before becoming an instructor. Dore will be a mentee under Jim Simmons to be groomed for becoming the toboggan advisor for Far West Region. There will be several opportunities in the Far West to take Senior training this year. We will have those dates posted on our website. There is an ICE on September 9, 2017 in Davis that all instructors whose instructorship expired or will expire need to attend.
  • There are currently 11 candidates signed up to take the OEC class. Bruce and Carolyn will take the OEC class and then complete their Aid room days at the beginning of the season before becoming full patrollers.
  • Bill will post the training schedule on the website. All candidates will have this information. There is a candidate Facebook page as well. On any given training day there will be an opportunity for instructor candidates to train as well. There will be an instructor binder kept in the patrol room so instructors will have information on the progress of the candidates toboggan training. There will be measurable objectives each week. The guidelines are general and will be flexible. Instructors will debrief candidates progress each week. Candidates will each have a binder as well. Bill will send this plan to instructors for input.

Scholarship committee

Past Patrol Rep. is on the committee. There are 3 that are serving a 2 year term. We need 2 more nominations to complete the committee. The committee then selects a chairperson, as per the Policy and Procedure manual.

Policies and Procedures

The requirement for patrol days will be changed back to 12 days. Students and those with 20 years will be required to do 6 days.
Patrollers shall sign in on Vogistics, just like last year.
Basic patrollers will not be allowed to pull an empty sled, per Dodge Ridge management. ​

Under “Succession” it was noted that the Patrol rep is only in charge of daily operations for NSP patrollers.
It was suggested that we change the Outstanding Alpine Patroller; Jere Woodhead award to read Jere Woodhead Outstanding Alpine Patroller Award.

A motion was made by Greg Thompson to accept these changes , Seconded by Jules Vaughan, unanimously approved.

Dodge Ridge Agreement

Agreement has not been signed. We will try to get copies ahead of time to patrollers can be aware of what they are being asked to sign.
Everyone made their required days so there was no need to pay back any lunches. The payback of lunches will be deleted in the 2017-2018 contract.

There were only two people that didn’t fulfill their bump requirement.
We did ask for locker room access from DR management and it was denied.

Calendar of events for 2017-2018

Webpage to be kept current for upcoming events for Motherlode Region, Far West Division, and local patrols. The training schedule, and target meetings will also be posted.
We will have a Summer Clean-up Day at Dodge. There will be prizes with a trailer trash party afterwards. Tentative date is September 23. There is also need to repair the shack on top of 7-8. Amy will coordinate with Dodge Ridge management will evaluate and make plans for this to happen on September 23 as well.

Bill Borelli would like to boost morale with some camaraderie events to be planned throughout the season, i.e. ski races, toboggan races, etc.

Member Reps

  • Jules Vaughan- Kendal Jewett would like to compliment NSP on how well we worked together with the paid staff. He will be coming back next year as NSP. He had knee replacement surgery in May and is doing well.
  • Bill Kull- Nothing to report.
  • Marc Rosoff-Nothing to report
  • Vim Nadamonee-Nothing to report
  • Denny Giambastiani-Dave Rollings states that the 3-4 shack is not in very good shape and the location could be better. He would like to see more locker space available for our use in the patrol room. He also thinks the relationship of the paid staff and NSP has been working well. He thinks the bump and Volgistics sign in are going well. He appreciates the season pass, lunch and lift tickets that we get as a benefit for patrolling and is happy with the current parking situation.

Greg Thompson motioned to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Bill Kull. Meeting was adjourned at 12:47p.m.

Minutes submitted by Gloria McKelvey DRNSP secretary 7-23-17.