October 5, 2022

Certified: Far West Division Requirements

The NSP Certified Program has six basic modules. A complete description of the program requirements may be found in NSP’s “The Ski Patrollers Manual”, 14th edition, Chapter 12. In the Far West Division, however, certified testing is done in conjunction with the APP. The APP tests in nine categories, so a Certified score in all 9 disciplines is required for NSP/FWD certification. The correlation between NSP and APP testing is a follows:

1.0  Skiing 1.0  Skiing*
2.0  Toboggan Handling 2.0  Sled Handling*
3.0  Rope Rescue & Lift Evacuation** 3.0  Rope Rescue**
4.0  Emergency Care 4.0  First Aid
5.0  Area Operations & Risk Management 5.0  Hill Safety
6.0  Risk Management
6.0  Avalanche Management 7.0  Avalanche Control
8.0  Rescue Transceivers
9.0  Explosives**

* NOTE: NSP “Senior” status and successful participation in a division authorized clinic, (recommendation signature required), is required to test in these categories.

** NOTE: Training with and handling live explosives is NOT required for NSP certification. However, demonstration of a thorough knowledge of the proper use, storage, and safety procedures of explosives is required in the Far West Division through written and oral examination. Similarly, self evacuation is NOT required for NSP certification in rope rescue. The NSP provides NO insurance coverage for individuals who choose to train in these disciplines that are outside of the NSP curriculum.

The APP offers mid-winter clinics and the “Spring Clinic” for testing. Non-testing candidates may sit in and observe these tests at the examiner’s discretion.

APP membership dues, ($40) and testing fee ($15 per clinic), must be paid in order to test. Daily lift tickets are available at a nominal fee for paid-up APP members at these clinics.

For additional information or to sign up for a clinic, contact Dave Rhodes by email or at 916-354-9686 (H) or 916-284-4381 (Cell).