May 23, 2024

Patrol Bylaws


These by-laws reflect the policies and govern the activities of the Dodge Ridge National Ski Patrol. They are not intended to conflict with the policies of the parent organization, National Ski Patrol, Inc., or the NSP subunit, the Far West Division, but are intended to specifically define the structure and methods by which the Dodge Ridge National Ski Patrol conducts its operation. Should any conflict be found between these By-Laws and those of the parent organization, the National Ski Patrol (NSP), the NSP By-Laws shall govern.

Hereafter, the Dodge Ridge National Ski Patrol will be referred to in the by-laws as the Patrol.

The Patrol consists of members of the NSP who serve the public while operating at, on behalf of, and directly for, the Dodge Ridge Winter Sports Area (hereafter referred to as Resort) while conducting the duties of ski patrollers. The Ski Patrol Management agreement, annually reviewed and approved by Resort Management and the Patrol, shall consist of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Patrol and Resort Management and shall govern the operating relationship between Resort staff and the members of the NSP.

Robert’s Rules of Order, as revised, shall be the authority for parliamentary procedure for all Patrol Board meetings pursuant to NSP By-laws Sec. 13.8.


The operation of the Patrol is governed by the Board of Directors (the Board). The general membership elects the members of the Board, may submit changes to these By-Laws and approves all changes to these By-Laws. The Patrol does not and will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of age, gender, religion, ethnic heritage, race, disability (except insofar as such disability prevents proper functioning as a patroller), or sexual orientation.

The Board shall annually review, publish, and distribute to the Patrol its operational Policies and Procedures (hereafter referred to as P&P). This document shall be approved by the Board and be made available to the Patrol at the ‘On the Hill’ refresher meeting of the Patrol; this will be referred to herein as the Patrol P&P. The National Ski Patrol, Inc. also publishes its own Policies and Procedures, and the Board shall insure that the Patrol P&P are not in conflict with the National Ski Patrol’s Policies and Procedures and the Dodge Ridge MOU.


Members should consult with their personal insurance advisor with regard to the availability, coverage, and amount of coverage for personal liability insurance. Members are encouraged to discuss the nature of the activity and the appropriate coverage for their circumstances.
Members are acting as agents of the area while engaged in Patrol duties and while engaged in NSP registered training they are covered to some extent by the NSP. This should not, however, be viewed as a guarantee of coverage or the adequacy of coverage for all circumstances.


The Board determines the number of open memberships each year at the January Board meeting. Membership in the Patrol is open to all persons 15 years of age or older, regardless of race, color, sex or creed, who have been accepted for membership by the Patrol and meet NSP registration requirements. Membership classifications of the Patrol are as established by the National Ski Patrol.

2. Membership Status

Any member whose dues are paid and meet the other NSP requirements for membership, and is not under any form of censure or sanction by the NSP, are considered members in good standing for the purposes of this document. Members in good standing have access to all Patrol business.

3. Revocation of membership

Membership in the NSP may be considered for revocation for conduct not in accordance with the NSP Code of Conduct contained in NSP Policies & Procedures, Section 6. Performance standards, disciplinary sanctions and disciplinary procedures are as outlined therein.

When performing services on behalf of Resort Management, NSP members are agents of Dodge Ridge Management and are subject to the control, direction, and discipline of area management. A member’s privilege of providing services at the Resort may be withdrawn by request of Resort Management at any time. A determination to suspend patrolling privileges may also be made by the Patrol Representative in consultation with the Patrol Board of Directors. Such determination does not affect the NSP membership of the suspended party.

4. Attendance

All members of the Patrol must attend refreshers as required by the Patrol P&P, meet the minimum annual service day requirement pursuant to the Dodge Ridge MOU and other events as required by the current Patrol P&P manual.
The Patrol Representative shall have authority to waive the annual service day requirement if a medical condition or injury prevents a patroller from carrying out the required annual service days.


The Board of Directors shall consist of the following officers:

2. NSP Patrol Representative

The Patrol Representative shall fulfill the duties and responsibilities as described in the NSP Policies & Procedures Manual and implement Patrol policies established by the Board. These duties and responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Preparation and submittal of annual NSP Patrol registration.
  2. Prepare Master Schedule of all events.
  3. Submit annual budget.
  4. Determine the educational needs of the Patrol and assist program delivery.
  5. Schedule and coordinate all social meetings.
  6. Obtain and coordinate awards.
  7. Organize all necessary committees.
  8. Attend leadership meetings, local and regional.
  9. Act as primary Patrol liaison with Resort Management
  10. Nominate Patrol Advisors. 
  11. Monitor and drive fund raising activities for the Patrol.
  12. Shall not be an employee of Dodge Ridge

3. First Assistant Patrol Representative

The First Assistant Patrol Representative shall fulfill the duties and responsibilities as described in the NSP Policies & Procedures Manual and:

1. 2. 3.

Carry out duties assigned by the Patrol Representative.
Coordinate, organize, and schedule all training, testing, and proficiency events.

Assist Patrol Advisors as needed in delivery of planned training programs.

4. Second Assistant Patrol Representative

The Second Assistant Patrol Representative shall fulfill the duties and responsibilities as described in the NSP Policies & Procedures Manual and:

1. CarryoutdutiesassignedbythePatrolRepresentative. 2. Inventory,maintain,andstorePatrolequipment.
3. Plan,coordinateandexecutePatrolsocialevents.

5. Secretary

The Secretary shall keep a record of all the proceedings of the Patrol meetings and the meetings of the Board in accordance with the recommendations in Roberts Rules of Order, and

  1. Keeps all official records of the Patrol, including a current copy of the Patrol By- Laws, Policies & Procedures, and shall maintain a list of all current members of the Patrol.
  2. Sends notices in advance of general meetings.
  3. Keeps a record of all meeting minutes and motions passed by the Board, prepares written minutes for Board approval, and publishes Board approved minutes within ten days of approval.
  4. At the close of each skiing season prepares an annual report highlighting the activities of the Patrol, a list of the newly elected Officers, advancements among patrollers during the year, and any special awards earned by the Patrol during the past season.

6. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall act as banker of the Patrol and disburse all funds only in accordance with the policies set by the Board. The Treasurer shall manage any restricted funds and verify that the expenditures of such are in accord with Board and NSP policies. The duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Prepares an annual finanthcial report stating income, expenditures, and balance on hand ending June 30 . This report is submitted to the Far West Division on or before the date prescribed by the Far West Division. It is also presented to the Patrol at the first general meeting of the next ski season.
  2. The Board may appoint an audit committee to review the Treasurer’s books and certify the Treasurer’s annual financial report.
  3. Prepares an annual budget and reports performance to that budget at all Board and General Membership meetings. 
  4. Disburse all funds in accordance with the approved budget. Expenditures not included in the approved budget in excess of $50 require explicit approval by the Board.
  5. Maintain the funds of the Patrol in federally insured bank accounts. The funds should be balanced to provide liquidity and maximize interest for monies not immediately required.
  6. Disburses funds for annual Patrol registration.

7. Membership Representative (6 total)

There shall be six (6) Membership Representatives who will be the liaison between the Board and a selected number of patrollers. After the fall OEC Refresher, when members are registered for the next year, each patroller will be assigned to a Membership Representative. The Membership Representative will contact each of their assigned patrollers on a regular basis to learn member concerns and desires. These issues will be brought to the Board meetings by the Membership Representative. The Membership Representative will also be asked to nominate one of their members to sit on ad hoc committees as requested by the Board.

8. First Past Patrol Representative

The First Past Patrol Representative shall fulfill the duties and responsibilities as described herein:

  1. Advise and act as a mentor to the incoming Patrol Representative.
  2. Offer historic insights as to past practice, history and relations with Resort Management.
  3. Participate in the patrol’s annual meeting with resort management.
  4. Sit as acting Patrol Representative in the absence of all elected Patrol Representatives.


Advisors shall assist the Patrol Representative Board in the delivery of NSP educational programs, and help to ensure that all local Patrol requirements are met. Advisors serve at the request of the Patrol Representative with confirmation by the Board, and shall have no voting rights on Board matters. The Patrol Representative shall appoint the following advisors:

OEC Advisor OET Advisor Bump Advisor Awards Advisor

The Patrol Representative may also, as necessary, appoint other additional Advisors for the educational, social, or promotional needs of the Patrol.


The Patrol shall elect Board officers identified in Section 4.0 above for a term of two (2) years. No officer may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in any one office. Candidate patrollers, alumni, members under the age of 18, and members who hold secondary NSP registration with Dodge Ridge NSP shall not be considered qualified to hold office.

Each member qualified to patrol at Dodge Ridge shall be eligible to cast one vote. In even years, the Patrol shall hold annual elections for Secretary, Treasurer, and three Membership Representatives. In odd years, the Patrol shall hold elections for Patrol Representative, First and Second Patrol Representatives, astnd three Membership Representatives. Newly elected officers will begin their term of office on July 1 in the year they are elected.

2. Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee shall propose a slate of candidates for each election. In addition, members may also propose eligible members for office. The Nomination Committee will verify qualifications of all candidates as set forth herein.

1. Committee Structure. The Committee will consist of three Past Patrol Representatives and a member of the Patrol at large, as selected by the Board. The committee shall select the chair by majority vote.

2. Duties and Responsibilities. The Nomination Committee shall propose a slate of candidates when nominations open, but no later than March 15. Open nominations from the General Membership shall be accepted until April 1. The Nomination Committee shall close nominations, verify qualifications, publish any candidate statements, and set election dates from May 1 – May 20. The slate of candidates shall be presented to the Board for ballot compilation.

3. Vote tabulation. The Membership Representatives shall select three patrollers from the general membership – not currently Board members or candidates for the Board – to tabulate the votes and report results to the Board.

4. The Patrol Representative shall report tabulated results to the Patrol by May 31.

3. Vacancies

Vacancies among the elected officers of the Patrol are filled in the following manner:

  1. IfthePatrolRepresentativecannotcontinuetoserve,theFirstAssistantPatrol Representative becomes Patrol Representative, subject to Board confirmation.
  2. TheSecondAssistantbecomestheFirstAssistantPatrolRepresentative.Theun- expired term of the Second Assistant Patrol Representative is appointed by the Patrol Representative subject to confirmation by the Board.
  3. IfanyofthePatrolRepresentativepositionscannotbereplacedbysuccessionas noted in 6.2.1 and / or 6.2.2, the Patrol shall nominate and elect a replacement.
  4. AllotherBoardvacanciesarefilledbynominationbythePatrolRepresentativeand approved by majority vote of the Board.

4. Removal from Office

Any elected officer may be removed from office under NSP By-Laws Section 11.8 as follows: 

  1. Alistofgrievancessignedbyatleast15%ofthePatrolmembershipispresentedtothe Board.
  2. EachMemberRepresentativewillselectonememberfromthePatrolwhoisnotasitting Board member or Advisor, to form a Grievance Committee which shall investigate each grievance for standing and report findings to the Board.
  3. TheBoardwillthenconductahearingnoearlierthan21daysafterthechallengedBoard member has been presented with the list of grievances. During this hearing, the challenged Board member will have an opportunity to state his/her case. No additional grievances beyond those stated in the original list may be presented during this hearing. The Board will then vote to remove the officer by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board members present. In the event of a removal, the Patrol Representative shall report to the Patrol and follow procedures in Section 6.2 to fill the vacancy.


During the ski season, the Board will conduct meetings on the second Saturday of each month at Dodge Ridge. A general membership meeting shall follow at the close of skiing for that day. At other times of the year, the Patrol Representative may call meetings of the Board with two weeks minimum notice.

Board meetings must be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, with a quorum of seven (7) voting Board members present. Any action taken by the Board requires a simple majority of the Board members present. If the number of voting members drops below a quorum during the conduct of the meeting, no further business may be conducted.

Any Board member who accumulates three (3) consecutive unexcused absences from Board meetings shall be reviewed by the Board. The Board may decide to remove that officer from the Board for lack of attendance. Any Board member removed under this clause will be replaced pursuant to Section 6.2 above.


Any member in good standing may present an amendment to these By-Laws. The proposed amendment shall be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Board to ensure the amendment presents no conflict with NSP By-Laws, Policies & Procedures, and the Dodge Ridge MOU. After this review the amendment shall be published to the general membership of the Patrol at least 60 days prior to a vote to approve. The publication method will be decided by the Board, but every reasonable method must be used to contact each member.

A 2/3rds vote of the Patrol is required for adoption of any amendment to these By Laws. After a 60 day review period, the proposed amendment shall be presented to the Patrol for a vote. The manner of the vote for proposed adoption will be determined by the Board, and may be either a written or electronic ballot. In either event, a written record of the ballots must be kept and made available to members of the Patrol within five days if requested.