Merit Stars, Commendations & Patroller Cross

Purple Star of Merit:
For Patrollers who saved a life
2017 Sonja Borelli Kivley
2014 Denise Bianchi
2009 Geoff Hutcheson
1995 Carl Richter

Blue Star of Merit:
For Patrollers in a supporting role in an attempt to save a life
2010 Goeff Hutcheson
2010 Bill Kull
2009 Denise Bianchi
2009 Linny Goodrich
2009 Karin Murray
2009 Chris Peterson
2008 Carl Richter
2008 Brian Olgivie
2008 Amy Lindblom
2008 George Vierra
2008 Jules Vaughan
2002 Denise Bianchi
2002 Dave Earle
2001 Debbie Whitcher

Yellow Star of Merit:
For recognition of an outstanding act or service to the national ski patrol
2020 Amy Lindblom
2020 Chris Petersen
2016 Denise Bianchi
2009 John Murray
2009 Joe Mumford
2009 Mike Loy
2009 Dore Bietz
2009 Doug Parker
1986 Daryl Whitcher

Silver Star of Merit:
For runner-up national award
2019 Thomas Brickley
2019 William Borelli
2013 Dore Bietz
2013 Mike Loy
1994 Daryl Whitcher

Gold Star of Merit:
Winner of national award
2020 Julien Vaughan
2019 Carl Richter

Leadership Commendation Award:
1992 Don Jacop

Patroller’s Cross:
For Patrollers injured on the job
2018 Kyle Murray