May 23, 2024

Candidate: OET Sample Schedule

This is a sample training itinerary for OET training:

  • 1st day: Introductions
    • 7:30am Sign in at 1st aid room
    • Open chair 4 – help check equipment top of 4 and code 3-4 pack
    • Tour patrol room
    • History of NSP and Dodge Ridge NSP, Policy and Procedures
    • Learn basics of the toboggan, how to load and pack toboggans
    • Learn loading and unloading toboggans on lifts
    • Practice basic skiing skills
  • 2nd thru 4th day: Training
    • Running empty sleds
    • Running loaded sleds and introduction to the tail rope
    • Rope-a-goat and chopsticks
    • Lower and upper mountain familiarization
  • 5th thru 7th day: Training
    • Running loaded sleds in all basic terrains (flats to diamonds)
    • Ski all terrain and practice basic skills
    • OEC on the hill
  • 8th thru 11th day: Training
    • Run loaded sleds down all terrains including 6 Shooter
    • Review basic skiing and toboggan skills
    • OEC on the hill
    • Midterm
  • Final Evaluation Day
    • Evaluation of basic skiing and toboggan handling
    • Group hill climb to the ugly tree
    • Graduation of new patrollers