Update From The Patrol Rep

Hello All!

Dodge has, “suspended” operations into a hopeful waiting period where we all hope for some significant snow. While our season has been abbreviated for now, there is much to applaud, regarding our patrol’s accomplishments and individual successes. Further, there are still several Ski Patrol events yet in the future around our region and even division that numerous DRNSP members are invited to, are active in as participants, or instructors. Thus, if you feel like your not done skiing yet, or need more days to meet the quota there is most definitely some season left.

DRNSP is an Amazing Patrol… I am not just stating that to hear myself speak. We enjoy and have a long very honored membership and history. I spent many days this season on the mountain moving about with the intent to see, chat with, and visit, with pretty much most of you at some point or another. I can state proudly and unequivocally that we have, and are blessed with, a very vibrant diverse current membership that continues to carry on a high standard while also embracing new ideas and adaptation regarding recruiting, training, and patrolling on our mountain. I am confident we will continue to add history that will serve to be a model for future DRNSP members and our region. This assessment based on observations with intent to observe on my part as your Patrol Rep., and is inclusive to all members whether you are a twelve day a year patroller or a fifty day a year patroller, Mike Loy, or like many of us, somewhere in between those numbers. Regardless, you are All vital, important, and very much appreciated.
Thank you all for your hard work, volunteer spirit, and your support of our patrol, and ultimately Dodge Ridge!

Thank you to Carl, Jules and their Crew! …………and Jenni! Their support and their hidden red vests go a very long way towards helping us to be a trained up Patrol. We owe it to them and the mountain to be exactly that, and we are meeting that objective. Thank you to them for helping with our training’s by letting us have them, and also giving us the opportunity to help train their young patrollers. We are blessed to have NSP’ers at heart to help us maintain a great working, cooperative, and friendly relationship between the paids and the volunteers. It is a model and exceptional by industry standards.

First Ever OET/OEC combined clinic hosted by Dodge! Rob Maxum and Chris Petersen combined to put together an awesome clinic for our Senior Candidates March 7th and 8th where they worked out scenarios in the snow in a testing environment and practiced up their OET in tough conditions in Six Shooter. We hope to be the ongoing host of this kind of training annually based on post discussions. Thanks Rob and remember, you are now an honorary member of our Patrol…. wear the hat proudly.

Ski Lessons! Our Board approved investment above and beyond for our large group of Senior Candidates this season by allowing them to spend an entire day in a group lesson of six Senior Candidates with a level 3 PSIA instructor! They all seemed to dramatically improve after that intensive day! Thanks to the Board!

We have a Senior Program!
This year we have six Senior Candidates who will be “testing” SEM at Bear Valley later this month. They have practiced on calendared target dates diligently on the snow throughout the season on Sundays, and numerous evenings midweek since early January. I am proud of them for sure, but also of the dedicated advisers and others who have given up their time to guide and train these folks through the process, and it is that for sure, a process. Of these folks testing we are hopeful that 3 or 4 of them, maybe more, will also realize success at the OET eval. as well, the first weekend in April at Sugar Bowl. All of these Senior Candidates will benefit, pass or fail, as they go forward as DRNSP patrollers with increasing levels of situational awareness, and other skill sets that comes with training.

We are also working to quite possibly be the first patrol in our region, possibly the division, to implement a fairly new “Senior Module” Program for “non skiing” Senior Candidates in order to advance yet two other DRNSP patrollers in their training. It remains a work in progress, and we have run into some obstacles that we can, and will overcome. We will keep you posted as things develop.

Our Basic Alpine Candidates! We have a Class/Group!
First, we have ski tested and screened six new Candidates who have committed to begin their training this coming Fall in our OEC class. As it stands, we will have eight in that class as two of our candidates have passed their Ski and Toboggan this season but still need OEC. Two of these eight are Young Patrollers! We are excited to move forward with all of these folks, and hopefully more.
Congratulations to Skyler Kivley and Dave Chesson for passing the Ski and Toboggan portion of their training.
Please welcome Karen Graul!
Karen has completed successfully all that is required to be part of the NSP family! Congrats to Karen, I know we look forward to seeing you soon with new vest on!

Upcoming stuff and opportunities:
Sugar Bowl:
The weekend of Friday the 3rd through the 5th in April. is hosting a clinic and eval opportunity for Senior Candidates. However, there are opportunities for non seniors as well.
Bear Valley:
On March 22. Contact Chris Petersen if you would like to help out as there are m any roles available and we could most certainly apply it as a patrol day. This offer does include candidates for some roles.
Mount Hood Nuts and Bolts!
I do not have a flier as of yet, but it is always the first weekend, Friday, Sat., and Sun. of June! You ski on the Palmer Glacier, about a 22 degree slope and train with patollers from all over the country. It is really educational and fun. The curriculum is extensive and lots of choices. Personally, I enjoy the four handle clinics every year as those Norwesters really use them up there! Plus, they have great gatherings every evening! Last year I think 12 of DRNSP were there!
Sea Otter:
Please contact Amy, Dave Rollins, or Tim Vial if you would like to be involved. It has been rescheduled to Oct 1,2,3,& 4. It is traditionally the largest fund raiser for our patrol, and also represents other ways to gain your days in.
Also using the same contacts above, there is a brand new Bike Patrol getting off the ground in Sacramento, The American River Bike Patrol is looking for members.

Closing Time….
Again, thanks to all of you! You are Awesome! Hopefully we reopen, but if not, lets see you at some other mountains wearing red and training or teaching. Check out the website, facebook and Instagram to see some of the goings on that our Patrol has been engaging in! Stay tuned for the end of year dinner and party date and other fun off season activities soon to be announced!

William J. Borelli

DRNSP Patrol Representative