Patrol Update

Please SAVE the DATE!!! The DRNSP END of The YEAR CELEBRATION is on May 30th! Details to follow soon, but rest assured it will be festive and fun as always. ALL of you, and your Loved ones are wanted and welcome. May 30th!!! (Edit: Postponed until further notice)

To update, after a brief reopening, Dodge Ridge suspended operations as of 3/20 to comply with the Governors shelter in place order.

Training, for now, is on a Hold pattern inclusive to both OEC and OET. This aligns us with the Far West Division and National Offices decision to suspend training and large gatherings. All training, clinics, and evaluations have been suspended for now. These suspended operations include, but are not limited to, the calendared SEM event at Bear BV, the OET at SB, and the last time I was updated even Nuts and Bolts in the first weekend of June up at Mt. Hood.

All of this is fluid as all of us work through the coming weeks. At our own mountain, this is especially difficult as so many people, and hours have gone into investing in the future of our patrol with seven Senior candidates that were set to test SEM this year, four of them set to test OET this year, along two basic alpine candidates needed opportunities to be evaluated as well. We will work through this, and our future is indeed bright. For next season, we have six ski tested candidates that are set to take OEC in the fall of 2020, along with two other candidates who have already passed ski and toboggan. Thus, the future growth and leadership of the patrol is indeed looking positive at this time, just on a slight delay.

The National Ski Patrol has directed patrollers to look at the relevant websites for information about certain suggested limitations on gathering in groups and certain age group’s susceptibility to getting sick. Please take advantage of the research done by the NSP and look at their website at The situation is fluid and new guidelines are being issued hourly by federal, state and local authorities.

All of you stay safe and well.